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Maine Educator Walkout & Rally

Maine Educators United Against Gun Violence organized a symbolic teacher walkout on March 15, 2018. Educators left their Portland schools at 3:30 pm and marched towards a rally at Portland City Hall featuring students, teachers, Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Eves, and Portland Police Chief & MGSC Board Member Mike Sauschuck. Maine educators have had #enough and are staging a symbolic walkout to show that educators are united in their commitment to end the cycle of senseless gun deaths in our country.

Hana Delaney, Waynflete Class of 2018 read the following poem: 

what did you learn in school today?

last week in school i learned
how to find the derivative of a logarithmic function.
i learned how to write a sestina poem
i learned what part of the brain controls memory, and the history of morocco
and the causes of global warming.

last week in school
at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida
the students learned the physics of how fast a bullet travels.
last week in school the teachers learned how to use their bodies as shields
last week in school, the students learned how to run a race
where the winner was the one who didn’t get shot.
last week in school they learned how to stifle a scream
as bullets danced down the hallways.

so this week in school
we learned how to use safety scissors as knives
and how to barricade classroom doors.
This week in school we learned how to break through glass
and jump out of a second floor window
because a broken leg is better than a gunshot.

this week in school
the students of Parkland,
learned how to write a eulogy
and how to attend 17 funerals in week.
this week in school the parents learned how to rest a hand
on a grieving mother’s shoulder and say “i’m sorry”
when they really mean “thank god it wasn’t mine”

this week in school
i learned how to be angry
because this week in school I learned that
when it comes to outlawing abortion, or muslim bans,
or keeping two people who love each other from getting married
because they happen to both be men,
it is all for the sake of the children.
but when we are dying at our desks, they do not care.

this week in school i learned
that when a white man holds an AK 40-7
it’s a godforsaken american right.
but when it’s a toy gun in the hands of a 13 year old black boy
it’s a reason to get shot.

this week in school i learned that
every woodchip on every playground is soaked in blood.
this week in school i learned how
to tell my mother “i love you” every morning
just in case today i’m the one who doesn’t come home.

what did you learn in school today?

Atia Werah, Waynflete Class of 2018, gave a brilliant and powerful speech!

Portland Chief of Police Mike Sauschuck gave the following speech representing MGSC:

Mark Eves, Candidate for Governor and former Maine Speaker of the House, also spoke:

Speeches were also given by:

  • Geoff Wagg, Waynflete Head of School
  • Waynflete English Teacher Jim Millard
  • Portland Schools Superintendent Xavier Botana - Read his excellent article in the Forecaster - it even mentions the walkout & MGSC.
  • Lindsay Kaplan, Waynflete French Teacher and rally co-organizer
  • Bobby Shaddox, 7th Grade Teacher, King Middle School

    For more information about Maine Educators United Against Gun Violence, please email and we will forward it to the teacher leaders.
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